A small chip can make a big difference
We believe that connectivity can be made simpler, and more sustainable with small saving that have below

We help the customer save on international connectivity right from multi-country data plans to affordable international roaming.

We reduce and conserve resources where possible, while providing low cost international SIM cards with world-standard international Mobile roaming solutions.

We keep our digital footprint light (Our dark themed digital palette is less energy intensive)

Our values

Easy connectivity with best prices
Consistent innovation
Simplicity in form and function
Scalability and speed
Savings on every front

Overcoming all the logistical challenges, we keep our customers at the center, providing them with seamless contactless connectivity, data plans and mobile connectivity for travelers with travel eSIMs that have local and global coverage.

So be it local: Brighton, London or Bath, or global Paris, Milan, or Frankfurt, Thailand, Japan, we've got you covered at the lowest possible cost.

Our Team

Gokul Tandan

Executive Chairman

Harsh Jayesh Ruparel

CEO & Co-Founde


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